As if I Never Left/ Ceramic, fabric & beads

You Said We'd Be in It Together/ Ceramic & thread

As Close as We Get, Still Empty  Inside/ Ceramic & wood

Big Heart, Little Hands/ Ceramic, glass & wood

Its All I Can Give/  Ceramic, wood & thread



What You Don't See/ Ceramic & fabric

What You Don't See (detail)  

What You Don't See (detail)  

If There is No Place Like Home/ Ceramic, thread & fabric

It's All I Can Do/ Ceramic, thread & glass beads

All Together Now/ Ceramic & wood

All Together Now (detail)  

Friends to the End/ Ceramic

This Hurts Me More/Sold/ Ceramic, wood & wire

This Hurts Me More (detail)  

I Have Company/Sold/ Ceramic

I'd Be Sad if I Lost it/Sold/ Ceramic & thread

If You Only Knew How I Felt/ Ceramic, wood & nails

Be My Friend/ Ceramic

Be My Friend (detail)  

How They Keep Track of Us  Ceramic, wood & glass beads

Little Ol' Me/ Ceramic

Hold Me, Don't Touch Me/ Ceramic & nails

Held Close to Me/ Ceramic

Held Close to Me (detail)  

Horse of a Different Force/ Ceramic & synthetic hair

Try Not to Forget About Us/ Ceramic

Blue Girl/ Ceramic